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     Property of exceptional charm and prestige for the peculiarity of its site, by the unique characteristics in the area between Palermo and Cefalù, consisting of a main building and two secondary bodies, reported - at a distance - from the tower that adorns the majestic main body.
The main one is well-marked by the imposing tower embellishing it. It stands on a lush hill, emerging on the ridge of the wonderful promontory with: the natural terrestrial Archeological park, the famous ruins of Solunto - the Phoenician and Greek - Roman city - and its Museum, ending up at the sea with the marine archaeological park of the Ant, between Gulfs of Palermo and Termini, with a view of the sea, that embraces from Palermo to Cefalù

Entrance to the Villa

Villa seen from the west

Villa seen from the north

Swimming Pool

Beach Pool

View from afar

View from the street

View from the park

View of Castle of Solanto

View of the Gulf of Palermo

View of Cefalù

View of Santa Flavia

Three rooms suites


Coat of arms


Swimming Pool

Beach Pool

Suite three rooms

Suite two rooms

Suite two rooms


Suite two rooms and plants


Steps leading to the suites

Square at the sunset

Villa view from north-east

Suite two rooms in the evening

Swimming pool in the evening

Square in the evening

Square in the evening

Gate and parking in the evening